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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unlocking?

Mobile Phone Unlocking is the process of removing the lock which prevents the handset from accepting and being able to use a SIM card from a rival another. Our methods are the same as those used by the manufacturer. Once we have unlocked your SIM you will be able to use any compatible networks SIM card in your phone.

Is the unlock permanent?


Once your phone is unlocked it will stay unlocked. If your borrowed a SIM for the unlock process, it will still be unlocked when you use your own SIM or any other compatible SIM, even if you go back to using your original Network.

Why should I unlock my phone?

The freedom to choose your network provider and take advantage of the many cheap deals that are available

When travelling to another country you can save a fortune on calls by purchasing a SIM card locally and using it in your existing phone.

Enhance the resale value of your handset.

Use different SIMS cards in the same phone.

Is it legal?


100% legal to unlock your phone.

Will it invalidate my warranty?


We use approved manufacturer methods of unlocking handsets. Unlocking will not invalidate your warranty.

Could it damage my phone?


There is no risk of damaging your handset when applying our unlock codes.

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